Get the Most Return on Your Home Remodel

April 25, 2022

by — Posted in Home Improvement

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As you plan a home remodel, it is good to know which projects offer the most return on your investment. You can use the information to prioritize and plan your work.

1. Door Replacements

Replacing doors is not glamorous, but doing so instantly boosts the look and value of your home. This is especially critical when you plan to sell soon. For the best investment, install steel doors because they are relatively inexpensive and still look great. They also help you save on energy bills.

2. Attic Work

Fixing up your attic into a livable space is one of the best home improvement projects you can do, although it is not cheap. It does give your family more space, such as a new bedroom, office or game room. If you’re looking at a new child or an elderly family member moving in, this is the way to go. Home buyers also love attic spaces.

3. Stacking the Decks

Integrity Restoration says that building a deck is nearly as good an investment as remodeling your attic. With a deck, your world opens up to include easy outdoor grilling, picnics, lounging and much more. Use wood to get the best home remodeling value; composite materials cost more for about the same return on investment.

It’s always a good idea to talk with home remodel and design firms to get cost estimates for projects such as attic and deck renovations. Before long, you’ll be enjoying these improvements.